(JR)What are we looking at here?

(GK)The most simple way to describe this is a Modular Synthesizer. What you think of something like a synth is like a keyboard that makes a sound when you touch the keys but what this is, is the same components but all the wires are on the outside. Input sockets instead of wires so you can wire anything to anything. You can plug it together and it behaves like a classic synth or you can plug it the wrong way and make it do things it’s not supposed to.

We take a while to set up. I always start from scratch. These systems are so complicated that if I turned it off and turned it on again I would not have the same sound.


(GB)Even if it looks quite a mess, there is still the possibility to do so much only by being two people and without using computers.

(GK)What we do here is record a stereo track but there is not a lot of things you can change. It is what it is. It is a snapshot what you have done on that day.

(JO)You are continuously perfecting.

(GB) What you listened to was a snapshot, even if it was 6 minutes.. or half and hour. We’re not keeping everything but what spoke to us…

(GK) I am keeping everything

(GB) Yeah you are keeping everything but…

(GK) … not making everything public (laughs)

(GB) Voilá, not making everything public. We got hours, weeks, months of madness. It is really this learning by doing process. Even if you really got theory in mind, with all the possibilities you got, is actually finding your path by doing it.

Suddenly Greg gets up and starts looking around the room, pulling wires out seemingly at random and looking in boxes.

(GK) I am trying to find more power outlets because I feel like… drum machines? No. I don’t know if I can fit it.

The music continues as you can hear French swearing and beeping from the circuit as wires are pulled.

(GB) Putain! AHHH!!!!! Ç’ai función?

The heart monitor in the corner let out a singular pitched scream and flat-lines.

  • Originally published in the independent zine Live Circuit, based in the United Kingdom by Josie Rey.