2nd March 2019 Neukolln, Berlin.

Widespread evictions across the capital has sparked renewed resistance to the ongoing battle against gentrification and social cleansing – the process of forcing out lower income residents for increased profits and rents. Berliners marched from five different neighbourhoods to a central point in a tactic known as a star demo.

Despite the march starting in Neukolln, there were signs of solidarity for other areas, especially the highly gentrified neighbourhood Schoenberg, where the Potse – Drugstore collective used to exist before the state and landlord handed them an eviction notice for the beginning of 2019.

The Potse Drugstore is a youth centre and radical space that has existed since 1972 and is now threatened by the presence of more capitalistic interpretations of space sharing: co-working.

The German riot police guard a co-working space (right) run by Rent 24 and it’s partners Allianz, neighbours of Potse, as the demonstration moves toward the centre of the star.

This march started from the neighbourhood of Neukolln, outside of the threatened local radical bar Syndkiat, and then toured the neighbourhood, passing the cancelled Google Campus project and evicted spaces. Members of a recently evicted squat raised fireworks on the roof in solidarity as the march passed by. The local community was followed by German riot police as they walked their streets.

1st May 2019. Grunewald, Berlin.

International workers day this year is focused on gentrification as protests in different parts of the city move across gentrified areas and those under threat.

This protest moves through the gentrified Grunewald district in Berlin – an attempt to be seen and heard by those richer citizens of Berlin.

Rigaer Strasse, Berlin.

Towards the end of the night of the 1st of May, a second protest passed by the besieged street of Rigaer Strasse in East Berlin, home to well established squats like the Abstand and Leibig34. The protest was lead by the German riot police, who by the end of the protest, began charging into the crowd, pulling individuals out and arresting them.

This is the face of gentrification.