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“I don’t want people to go away thinking we have stopped our support for people with disabilities, far from it…” – Thérèse Coffey, MP

Freedom News (UK) 26/4/2020

Right Honourable Gentlemen,
Roses are white, violence is who?
Give ’em enough rope
And they’ll do it for you

Freedom News (UK) 15/3/2020

The borders of the United Kingdom are militarised with both the language of fear and the chemical burn of tear gas. From the fall of the Berlin wall to the building of a new wall on the English Channel, the wars and movement of people from Kosovo to Afghanistan; the former humanitarian shelter in France has become a war zone of police brutality and public opinion;

A culture of aggressive indifference that lead its brutal eviction in 2016, following the Brexit vote.

Freedom News (UK) 27/2/2020

The failure of authority in Europe extends across nationalism and borders, it is explicit in our internationally shared crimes on the deprivation of human liberty. There appears to be no other group in society, except for foreign nationals, where there is a popular notion to deny the same human rights afforded to other citizens, than with the prison population.

Those who are both can be the most vulnerable to this power.

Freedom News (UK) 6/1/2020

Far from the mainstream nationalist debates on independence, our failure to coherently confront power and offer meaningful alternatives, a community of squatters and expropriators live on the coast of Catalonia.

Warning: This story contains numerous instances of literary fraud and copyright theft that some middle class readers might find distressing.

I squatted Castillo Parasito when the funds to combat eviction were robbed..

Freedom News (UK) 26/12/2019

I write to live, so it follows that I am alive. Sometimes we can find a story in small, seemingly insignificant truth that connects us to a larger condition shared. Let’s take the environmental apocalypse for instance, before the language of religious fanatics is the new nihilistic condition of the political left.

I feel my own suicidal tendencies and mental health reflected in those who understand both the changes of our environment and its acceleration by international capitalism.

International Times IT (UK) 17/8/2019

Today thousands of people marched through Berlin for the Interkiezonale Star Demo against a wave of radical centre evictions – and for the occasion we are pleased to publish this meticulous probe into the situation by anarchist investigative journalist Joe Reynolds.

The star demo, so-called for its use of a tactic where different “fingers” of a march stream towards a central point, stretching police forces across a wider area, pulled in groups from PotseDrugstore and Syndikat.

Freedom News (UK) 2/3/2019

The most simple way to describe this is a Modular Synthesizer.

What you think of something like a synth is like a keyboard that makes a sound when you touch the keys but what this is, is the same components but all the wires are on the outside. Input sockets instead of wires so you can wire anything to anything.

You can plug it together and it behaves like a classic synth or you can plug it the wrong way and make it do things it’s not supposed to.

Live Circuit (UK) 1/3/2019

The gamble with workers’ lives

The Government has released new guidelines and new procedures regarding lockdown in recent days…

Freedom Press (UK) 15/5/2020 D

The truth is that ‘trust me’ didn’t work and the much-vaunted expertise of…

Open Democracy (UK) 12/10/2015 (Don Flynn)

If Jeremy Corbyn can inspire the stunning support that today made him Labour’s leader to transform British…

Open Democracy (UK) 9/08/2015 (Anthony Barnett)

Als hij de kranten openslaat, ziet Eric A. Posner hetzelfde wereldnieuws als ieder ander. De gruweldaden van de Islamitische Staat in Syrië. De ontvoeringen van schoolmeisjes door Boko Haram in Nigeria. De oplopende spanningen in de Oekraïne. De moord op studenten in Mexico. Ellende is ook dichter bij zijn huis in Chicago te vinden. Uit naam van de strijd tegen het terrorisme worden gevangenen gemarteld. Er is politiegeweld en racisme…

Vrij Nederland 9/4/2015 Marco Visscher

Mediterranean Migrants Protest in Central London

Evening Standard (UK) 25/4/2015 (Alex Rucki)

AKF-Europe 13/4/2015 Russia Today

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