Brixton Academy (UK) 1/11/2019

International Times IT (UK) 17/8/2019

Live Circuit (UK) 1/3/2019

A wave of evictions across the capital is forcing the closure of many alternative spaces, bars, feminist collectives and youth clubs. This collaberative doorstep portrait exhibition was shown at the Youth Resistance Museum on Rigaer Strasse in 2019 with photographers Josie Rey and Gaia Balthazar.

Today thousands of people marched through Berlin for the Interkiezonale Star Demo against a wave of radical centre evictions – and for the occasion we are pleased to publish this meticulous probe into the situation by anarchist investigative journalist Joe Reynolds.

Freedom News (UK) 2/3/2019

Widespread evictions across the capital has sparked renewed resistance to the ongoing battle against gentrification and social cleansing… with demonstrations across Berlin including the gentrified Grunewald district, Neukolln, Kreuzberg and others in March and May 2019.


I am in the anarchist district of Exarcheia in Athens, home to a group of squats and associations that focus on supporting those who have fled their homes and come to Europe in search of refuge.

Around the corner from…

Medium (Greece) 26/10/2016

“It is incontestable that the unaccompanied children are exposed to serious risks of abuse and exploitation

In March of this year, I was making my way to the Calais ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in an old Renault…

Medium (Greece) 16/10/2016

Exhibited in Camden Town, London alongside photojournalist David Gould, as part of a tour of the United Kingdom to raise awareness of the refugee camp and collect resources such as clothing for those living there. See Josie Rey’s Aggressive Indifference and David Gould’s ‘Calais: Life in the Jungle.’

Mediterranean Migrants Protest in Central London

Evening Standard (UK) 25/4/2015 (Alex Rucki)

2015. Streets of London.

International solidarity with Yemenis who are subjected to genocide and war by the US-UK-Saudi coalition and the thousands of refugees who lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean to the EU from north Africa and Turkey.

Resistance to political austerity and it’s damage to public services and vulnerable persons in the UK and in Greece.

Demonstrations against the system of immigration detention centres, and the far-right rallies that oppose any form of intergration…

It was reported that a U.S. aircraft carrier was dispatched to the waters off Yemen on April 20 to join other American ships prepared to block…

AKF-Europe 22/4/2015 Nikolai Bobkin

Everything about the war on Yemen is a smokescreen. Concealed behind the smoke is a tale of geopolitics and petro-politics that aims to control…

AKF-Europe 13/4/2015 Russia Today

Er is een zorgwekkende neiging om allerlei belangen te vertalen naar universele mensenrechten, vindt expert Eric Posner. Dertig jaar geleden waren…

Vrij Nederland 9/4/2015 Marco Visscher

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